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Agility. However, jumping through hoops. Dog jumps through ring. Hellerup Dog Walk. Dog training. Dog ventilation.



ATTENTION If your dog misses exercise, training and stimuli, then you can consider Hellerup Dog Walk's dog garden while you wait for us to start offering agility as well. In the dog park, your dog gets 2.5 hours of exercise, while at the same time it is socialized with a large group of regular canine friends.

Hellerup Dog Walk is constantly working to satisfy the needs and demands of our many customers and followers.


Therefore, we are looking for a skilled, professional and committed dog trainer who is interested in working with us and offering our customers AGILITY of the highest quality!

Contact us if you are experienced, are very good at agility and can see the perspectives in a collaboration with Hellerup Dog Walk. 

NB You must own, borrow or rent an agility track for the training.

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