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Bernstorffsparken dog forest

Map of the Berstorffsparken dog forest

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Brief about the Bernstorffsparken dog forest:
Bernstorffparken is a large and incredibly lovely dog forest, where you will meet an overwhelming number of dog owners and loose dogs on your way, especially at weekends. The dog forest has a nice and varied terrain with both forest and meadow. 

* Bernstorff Slot 1, 2820 Gentofte
* Vældegårdsvej 70, 2820 Gentofte
* Jægersborg Allé 100, 2820 Gentofte

* Bernstorffsvej 199, 2820 Gentofte

Parking: Parker on Bernstorffsvej, Jægersborg Alle or Vældegårdsvej (least busy). You may not park in the parking lot in the park (parking fees are also issued at weekends and in the evening hours).

Gps coordinate: 55.757433, 12.552522

Size: Gigantic! (57 hectares = approx. 114 football pitches)

Fenced: JA/partly (the park is fenced, but there are 2 large gates which are always open).

Kiosk: JA/partly (from 1 May to the end of August it is possible to buy coffee, cake, ice cream and other refreshments in the yellow villa (Swedish Villa)).

Toilets: JA/partly (from 1 May to the end of August it is possible to use a toilet in Svenske Villa during the café's opening hours from 12.00 to 18.00)

Tables / Benches: YES, the park contains lots of benches and there are café tables and café chairs around Svenske Villa. 

Forest: JA (Bernstoffparken contains large and in some places hilly forest areas with shade, variety and trail systems).

Grassland: JA (Bernstorffsparken has many large lawns where the dogs can run and play).

Wetland: JA/partially (there is a small forest lake (with access for dogs), as well as streams at intersections and NOTE: Both lakes and streams are very muddy!).

Free run: JA (almost everyone who comes to Bernstorffsparken with their dog lets it run free without a leash).

Water for the dog: YES (there is a water station with water for the dogs north of the castle right next to Svenske Villa. NOTE: The water station is closed during the winter). 

Bins: YES, many (so use them).

Dog bags: YES, but still bring your own.

Opening hours: Open 24/7 365 days a year.

Responsible: Slots- and Culture Agency


Swedish Villa (the yellow villa)

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