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Complete your dog's life!

If you are looking for Copenhagen's, Greater Copenhagen's, Frederiksberg's, Vestegnen's, North Zealand's (and Denmark's!)best reviewed Doggy Daycare, then you have come to the right place. Hellerup Dog Walk offers our uniqueDoggy Daycareto lucky dogs throughout Copenhagen, Greater Copenhagen, North Zealand, Vestegnen and Frederiksberg. With its 2.5 hours of playing and sniffing time, Doggy Daycare is the most exclusive dog-walking service with pick-up that you can pamper your dog with.

Dear dog mother or dog father


The most important question I can answer for you here must be:


"Why do you have to send your dog to my Doggy Daycare?"


You are your dog's owner and closest caregiver and your dog will always need to have a close and trusting relationship with you.

Below I have defined your dog's many needs and divided them into a pie chart.

Din hunds behov.jpg

The red layer cake pieces represent the needs that you must meet for your dog yourself and which you are guaranteed to already have a good handle on.


The blue cookie pieces represent the needs that you can meet alone or in collaboration with others.

Finally, the green layer cake represents the need that almost all dog owners have difficulty with, or impossible to meet on their own, since few people know 10-20 dog owners in their neighborhood who have time to meet for several hours at a time. at least a couple of times a week. :-(


In my Doggy Daycare, I and my Team supplement your work to meet your dog's many "blue" needs, but our core mission and absolute excellence is to meet your dog's "green" needs: