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Dyssegårdsparken dog forest


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Brief about Dyssegårdsparken dog forest:
Dyssegårdsparken is a smaller but very cozy park. There is a playground, path systems, lawns, small pieces of forest and a fenced dog forest for the dogs. Many people walk their dogs loose outside the enclosure, even though they are not allowed to.

* Ved Renden 51, 2870 Dyssegård
* Knud Rasmussens Vej 17, 2870 Dyssegård

Parking: There are always good parking conditions and it is free to park at both of the above addresses (it is not legal to park on the turnpike at the end of Knud Rasmussens Vej). 

GPS coordinate: 55.729578, 12.536900

Size: Small (0.3 hectares = approx. 0.6 football field)

Fenced: YES (The dog park is a small fenced enclosure with two gates - one at each end. The fence is 1 meter high and large dogs can easily jump in and out. Small dogs can crawl under the gate at the north end.

Kiosk: NO (nearest provisioning is Søborg Hovedgade or the gas stations at Kildegårds Plads

Toilets: NO

Tables / Benches: YES (there are 2 tables/bench sets in the paddock).

Forest: YES (although the dog forest/paddock is small, there are 2 small pieces of forest).

Grassland: YES/PARTLY (the dog forest/fold is small and very well visited and therefore the grass is very worn and in many places completely gone).

Wet area: NO (however, the ground can be very wet and humid in autumn and spring).

Free run: YES (in the dog forest/foot, all dogs are loose).

Water for the dog: YES (there is a water dispenser at the north gate which works when it is not freezing).

Trash cans: YES, (so use it).

Dog bags: YES, but still bring your own.

Opening hours: Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Responsible: Gentofte Municipality

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