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Geel Skov dog forest

Map of Geel Skov dog forest

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Brief about Geel Skov dog forest:
Geel Skov is Greater Copenhagen's largest dog forest with fantastic nature and a varied terrain, so here is a real opportunity for some long free-running walks with your dog, if it is under "full control". Lots of other dogs also come here, so the chance of meeting a playmate is good. Be aware that the forest also houses mountain-bike trails, but the forest is so big that there is plenty of room for everyone. 

* Kongevejen, 2840 Holte
* Øverødvej 2, 2840 Holte
* Vangebovej, 2840 Holte
* Holte Stationsvej 36 (Holte Station), 2840 Holte

Parking: Free parking at the top of Kongevejen, at Rudersdal Town Hall (Øverødvej 2, 2840 Holte), at the entrance to the forest from Vangebovej and at Holte Station (Holte Stationsvej 36)

Gps coordinate: 55.806170, 12.476429

Size: Gigantic! (173 hectare = approx. 350 football pitches)

Fenced: NO. Note Kongevejen and Øverødvej are very busy.

Kiosk: NO, you can get groceries in Holte Midtpunkt 5 minutes drive away).

Toilets: NO, the nearest toilets are at Holte Station.

Tables / Benches: YES, there are benches in various places in the forest.

Forest: JA, coniferous and deciduous forest.

Grassland: JA/partially, Geel Forest also contains smaller areas with open patches of grass.

Wetland: JA.

Free run: YES, almost everyone who comes to Geel Skov with their dog lets it run free.

Water for the dog: NO

Trash cans: YES, use them.

Dog bags: NO, but as always bring your own.

Opening hours: Open 24/7 365 days a year.

Responsible: Forest and Nature Agency

Sights in Geel Skov dog forest
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