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(incl. free trial week!)

In order to give you and your dog the best and safest start at the Dog Kindergarten, our collaboration begins with a non-binding and free Intro course - incl. free trial week at the Doggy Daycare, so you and your dog have the opportunity to test whether the Doggy Daycare is something you like (we are sure you will!). :-)


The intro conversation

When I have received your email/filled outcontact form, then I will call you so that we can talk in more detail about your and your dog's needs and so that you can ask all the questions you want about the dog nursery and our work with the dogs. If you feel ready to move on, we will agree when your dog will have its free and first week ("Trial Week") at the Doggy Daycare. After the conversation, I will send you the "Doggy Daycare's Welcome letter" and "Terms of Service" by email, which you must approve of before your dog is picked up for the first time. 

Free trial week
After your dog's first day at Doggy Daycare, we will call you so that you can get thorough feedback on how your dog has been and you can also follow along on Facebook, where we post lots of pictures and videos every day. After your dog's last day of the trial week, we will call you again to have a short chat about how the whole week went and to hear if you have become so happy with our Doggy Daycare that you want your dog to continue in it. :-)

The Introduction course (incl. trial week) is free for the rest of 2022.


Friendly doggie greetings
Magnus Hinge

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