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Make a great dog life even better

We are a small family company and as a result of the high demand at our Dog Daycare, we unfortunately have limited places on many routes.
Contact us to find out more about the options for pickup to our Doggy Daycare from your home address. 


Are you looking for Denmark's most beautiful and best reviewed Dog kindergarten, dog park, dog day care and dog boarding with practical pick-up service included, then you've come to exactly the right place.

At Hellerup Dog Walk we offer (
Anja and Magnus) our unique Doggy Daycare and private boarding care for lucky dog's in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Gentofte and North Zealand.

The Doggy Daycare is 2.5 hours of sniffing, playing and socializing in a real pack of dogs in our large, fenced and private dog park in North Zealand.


Therefore, our Doggy Daycare is a far more exclusive and safe service compared to normal dog walking services provided by private og professional walkers.

If you give us a key, you can focus on your everyday tasks while we pick up your dog and make sure it has a fantastic day in nature with all its canine friends in the pack, the way all dog's deserve to live.

Read more about the Hundebørnehaven below, or contact us and get a free, no-obligation chat about our Doggy Daycare and our free "Introduction" (incl. free trial week!).

Together - we can make a good dog's life even better!


Friendly doggie greetings
and Magnus


  • Easy and practical
    We pick up and bring your dog from home and if you give us a key, you can take care of your chores while we look for your dog to have a fantastic day with its many new friends at the Dog Kindergarten.

  • Free introduction and trial week
    Before you decide whether your dog should have a permanent place in our Doggy Daycare, you get a free Introduction Cource incl. a free trial week. You can read more about the Introduction course and the free trial week HERE.

  • Possibility of private boarding care in our very dog-friendly home/"The Dog House" :-)
    We offer private and loving care at our home for the dogs who know us and go regularly to the Doggy Daycare. You can read more about our private boarding care HERE.

  • 2.5 hours outside/play time
    That is 3 x more airing and playing time than is normally offered by professional dog walkers.

  • Greater security
    We have Denmark's largest and most securely fenced private dog parks and dog forests of a total of 20,000 m2, so you can be sure that your dog would never be able to run away and we guarantee that your dog will only meet aproved dog's.

  • Focus on the individual
    We have a mini dog park for small and/or cautious dogs (read more HERE), which allows greater focus on and consideration of the individual dog's needs.

  • Most playmates
    Our large and harmonious pack of dogs is your guarantee that your dog will have many equal new playmates that match its temperament and energy level. At the same time, your dog learns to navigate in an environment with many different dog breeds and dogs of all ages.

  • Stable, caring and top professional since 2014!
    Over the years, we have helped many hundreds of dogs to an even more enjoyable and richer dog life, and we take pride in being extremely stable and professional, while of course we take personal and loving care of your dog.

  • Best reviewed! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Hellerup Dog Walk is Denmark's absolute best-reviewed Doggy Daycare with pick-up service. Read our many positive reviews on GoogleFacebook and Trustpilot or find an excerpt from them HERE.


The dog bus picks up your dog at your home in the morning - if you give us a key, you don't have to be at home.


After that, your dog and his canine friends drive to our large, fenced, private and very lovely dog park (that's us in the picture) in North Zealand, where he can sniff, play, have fun and socialize all for 2, 5 hours.

If you have time during your lunch break, you can see pictures from his day on our Facebook page.


After this, we drive your dog back again and you can look forward to coming home to a happy and well-stimulated dog.

Our unique Doggy Daycare is, with its 2.5 hours of playing and sniffing time, the most exclusive professional dog walking service with pick-up, that you can offer to your dog.



Dear dog mother or dog father

Below I have defined your dog's many needs and divided them into a pie chart.

Din hunds behov.jpg

The red layer cake pieces represent the needs that you must meet for your dog yourself and which you are guaranteed to already have a good handle on.


The blue cookie pieces represent the needs that you can meet alone or in collaboration with others.

Finally, the green layer cake represents the need that almost all dog owners have difficulty with, or impossible to meet on their own, since few people know 10-20 dog owners in their neighborhood who have time to meet for several hours at a time. at least a couple of times a week. :-(


In my Doggy Daycare, I and my Team supplement your work to meet your dog's many "blue" needs, but our core mission and absolute excellence is to meet your dog's "green" needs: