Introsamtale (tlf.) + introbesøg (hos jer) +  prøvedag (i Hundebørnehaven) + evalueringssamtale efter prøvedagen (tlf.)

I know that it is not necessary that there is nothing new, by superimposing your dog in the care of a "stranger" and why I always start by coming on an intro visit to your home.

Her we get all the opportunities to get to know each other and I get the opportunity to evaluate your dog before its test day in Hundehaven. That way, I and my team can take the individual consideration and precautions that are relevant to you and your dog.

The first intro visit I send digs my INTRO-MAIL with all the practical information you need to know and be ok with before your dog needs to be scaled in the Dog Garden the first day.

When we meet for an intro visitor, you have the opportunity to ask all the questions you have to me and / or Hundehaven.

If all parties after intro visits, there is rehearsal by moving on to the rehearsal day in Hundehaven (this is almost always the case), so we can talk about when and how it should take place.

Every day we upload photos or video from days in Hundehaven and when your first dog has his first day in Hundehaven, we always make sure where there are more photos of the current post, so you can see how it copes the first day in Dog Haven. :-)

When your dog is on his way home, I will call you and give you feedback on your dogs day.

If everyone is happy with how it is going, then you are ready to start in Hundehaven and we can look forward to the actual many years of cooperation on your dogs' physical and social well-being.



Kind doggy greetings
Magnus Hinge
(package manager in Hellerup Dog Walk)




The price for intro visits and test day is DKK 1,000.00.

Prisen for hele intro-forløbet er 1.500,00 kr.