Complete your dog's life!

Hvis du leder efter Gentoftes (og Danmarks!) bedst anmeldte professionelle hundelufter, så er du kommet til det rette sted. Hellerup Dog Walk tilbyder vores unikke Hundehave til heldige hunde i hele Gentofte. Hundehaven er, med sine 2,5 times lege- og snusetid, den mest eksklusive hundelufter-service med afhentning, som du kan forkæle din hund med.

Dear dog mother or dog father


The most important question I can answer for you here must be:


"Why do you have to send your dog to my Doggy Daycare?"


You are your dog's owner and closest caregiver and your dog will always need to have a close and trusting relationship with you.

Below I have defined your dog's many needs and divided them into a pie chart.

The red layer cake pieces represent the needs that you must meet for your dog yourself and which you are guaranteed to already have a good handle on.


The blue cookie pieces represent the needs that you can meet alone or in collaboration with others.

Finally, the green layer cake represents the need that almost all dog owners have difficulty with, or impossible to meet on their own, since few people know 10-20 dog owners in their neighborhood who have time to meet for several hours at a time. at least a couple of times a week. :-(


In my Doggy Daycare, I and my Team supplement your work to meet your dog's many "blue" needs, but our core mission and absolute excellence is to meet your dog's "green" needs:


Just as children do not have enough in their parents but need a child or adolescent life with equal friends (other children), likewise your dog also needs an active and balanced dog and herd life with equal friends (other dogs) that it can mirror and develop with.


Your dog - like a child - can survive well without meeting this need, but what life do you think it would be?


We all need to LIVE, OUTSIDE, SAM-LEVE and OP-LEVE!


In the Doggy Daycare we have up to 50 dogs gathered every day and all the dogs know each other - for many people for many years and since they were puppies. The herd and Doggy Daycare are their second family and here they live the dog and herd life which cannot be created without the permanent large flock of dogs.


My Doggy Daycare, Dog Nursery, Dog Day Care, Doggy Daycare and Daycare for Dog's are therefore first and foremost your opportunity to COMPLETE YOUR DOG LIFE by meeting its natural need for a balanced herd life with a lot of regular dog friends in a safe and controlled manner.


Of course, you still have to meet your dog's "red" and "blue" needs and also still meet other dogs when you are walking together. The dog park cannot and should not replace your pleasant strolls in the neighborhood, nor your longer trips to forests and dog parks this weekend.


The zoo should be an important complement to these activities so that your dog's life is completed with both a flock of like-minded and a family life with you.


Over the years I have noted the most common questions that dog parents who consider the Doggy Daycare for their dog have asked me. If you like, you can find them - and the answers to them in my Doggy Daycare FAQ.


If you have any questions about the kennel, want to book a place in the Doggy Daycare, or if you would like to be called by me for a personal chat about whether the Doggy Daycare could be something for you and your dog, send me a message via one of the forms you can choose below. Then I'll call you within 1-2 business days.


I hope your dog comes with me and her new friends in the Doggy Daycare! :-)

Friendly doggi-greetings
Magnus Hinge
(pack-leader in Hellerup Dog Walk)

(faste venner)

I ligehed med mennesker er hunde sociale væsner, med behov for faste venner.

I Hellerup Dog Walks Hundehave og på vores Pack Walks får din hund sine egene søde hundevenner!

Et liv med faste venner og socialt samvær er er godt hundeliv. :-) 


(leg og motion)

Både små og store hundekroppe er skabt til at blive aktiveret og brugt hver eneste dag.

I Hellerup Dog Walks Hundehave og på vores Pack Walks er der masser af tid til  leg og motion.

En træt og brugt hundekrop giver ro og lykke i sindet. :-)


Hunde har også brug for at have indhold, mening og formål i dagligdagen og livet

I Hellerup Dog Walks Hundehave og på vores Pack Walks er lydighedstræning en naturlig del af dagen.

En tydelig leder betyder en ballanceret hundeflok. :-)


Din hunds lugtesans er mellem 10.000 og 100.000 gange bedre end din.

Derfor er simpel sportræning et fast element i Hellerup Dog Walks Hundhave og på vores Pack Walks.

En hund der bruger næsten er en glad og velstimuleret hund. :-)

If you really want to pamper your dog with some lovely long days of exercise, air and play with friends, then you should definitely enroll it in our unique dog garden, where your dog will have the opportunity to play, train, sniff and socialize throughout the day!


Your dog is picked up at home in the moarning and spends the day with friends in our large enclosed daycare for dog's  in the country.


You always get an MMS with a picture of your dog from the trip, so you can keep track of how your dog enjoys the day in nature and with it's many friends! :-) The dog garden is open every weekday!

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