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In cooperation with Hunde-Liv's professionel and very experienced dog trainer and dog behaviour expert Jeanette Nielsen in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Great Storkøbenhavn og North Zealand.


What kind of training classes are you looking for?

Virtual teaching:

Private lessons either via Zoom, FaceTime or Messenger for a duration of approx. 60 min, price DKK 650 incl. VAT.


Group teaching, via Zoom

Teaching of approx. 60 min duration, maximum 6 participants. Teams are created as needed, e.g. 4 times, price DKK 1,000 incl. VAT. 


The puppy line – Telephone consultation

There can be many questions and the uncertainty of whether I, as a dog owner, am doing well enough, how do I teach my puppy to sleep at night, stay clean, be alone at home, not bite and so on.


Telephone consultation lasting 45 minutes, price on weekdays DKK 575 incl. VAT and price at the weekend DKK 675 incl. VAT.



Dear dog mother or dog father

Your ability to love and care for your dog is the absolute most important thing in your relationship, because this is where you get the energy and dedication it takes to look after another living being for more than a decade. But no living creature - not even dogs - can live on love alone. Puppies and adult dogs have a wide range of needs, which it is your responsibility to know and fulfill. You can read about all these needs in my blog post:

How to get a happy dog"

Since 2014, Hellerup Dog Walk has helped hundreds of dog owners to fulfill their dogs' natural needs for a balanced herd life in my uniqueDog kindergarten.


At our training team, you can get professional help to meet your dog's needs for "training", "learning", "problem solving" and a close and "trusting" contact with you.

Half price for getting started in the dog nursery!

When you book a training hall, you also have the option of booking the Dog Kindergartenintro course with a 25 percent discount. .


In the dog nursery, your dog will become part of my large pack of dogs and thereby be socialized with lots of other dogs of all ages and of all breeds in a completely unique way, which no dog owner will be able to do on their own.

It is of course completely up to you whether you want to make use of this option.


I hope to see you at one of our dog training team tilindividual dog training, or perhaps inDog kindergarten. :-)

Friendly doggie greetings

Magnus Hinge
(pack leader in Hellerup Dog Walk)

Our dog training takes place in collaboration with our professional partner and dog trainer.

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