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All training clases provide exclusive access to book the start-up in Hundebørnehaven at half price. Write it down for me in the booking form if this could be of interest.


Contact us for more information or to be put on the waiting list for the next class.

Dear dog mother or dog father


I am sorry that unfortunately I cannot be of help at this time with the training team that you were interested in. Perhaps one of the other teams could be interesting instead of Nose-Work?

Maybe you - now that you're here anyway - could like to take a closer look at Hellerup Dog Walk's Dog kindergarten, which is unique socialization and behavior training for your dog in a large harmonious dog pack. 

You can see pictures from
Dog kindergartenabove and read much more about ithereon the website.

Friendly doggie greetings

Magnus Hinge
(pack leader in Hellerup Dog Walk)

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