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Chapter 5 - Pug and my wife

When I became lovers with my current wife Anja in early 2008, it was a great joy and bonus that she had a dog. It was a small young and very naughty pug named Karla and even though I was a bachelor at the time and hated to vacuum (I still do), it wasn't long before I capitulated and offered to take Karla with me when Anja needed that - even though I knew it meant that the hated vacuum cleaner had to be swung when the visit was over.


Pictured below is Karla at the far left, along with her two friends Benny and Bingo. Anja I suppose you can figure out who you are. :-)

There is certainly nothing wrong with sharing the double bed with Anja, but a snoring pug in the armpit, or between the feet, nothing can mess it up! Below I have taken a picture of Pug (Karla's nickname) one of the first times she slept alone at my house.

It wasn't until 4 years later that Anja and I moved in together and had children and I must admit that we would never have gotten so far together if it hadn't been for our mutual love for Pug.


Today - 10 years after I first met Anja and Mopsen - Anja and I are still together and we owe Mopsen a big thank you for this. Fortunately, she is still here and is seen with her barely fashionable human father (me) below. :-)

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