Chapter 6 - Arnold (My First Dog)

After I moved in with Anja and we had our first boy together, the time was ripe for me to have my first dog! It should be a good watchdog (we had a burglary), it should be a good family dog and it should have a calm and laid back approach to life, as its future owner. :-)

The choice fell on the bullmastiff Arnold, who was picked up in Haslev in January 2013. In the pictures below you can see my oldest son Zander and I, the day we were down and picking up Arnold.

However, there was one in the family who had not been sworn in before the election fell on Arnold and if you haven't already guessed, you can see her skeptical approaches the first time she meets her new little brother, in the top photo below.

In the next photo, she shares her front seat with Arnold for the first time, which obviously does not arouse enthusiasm either.

A lot has happened since then; Arnold has taken 55kg. on and the pug has long been happy for him :-) It took her a couple of years to accept him completely, but now he helps keep the old gray pug young and lively and she gets gummed through daily so her otherwise soft fur becomes completely contaminated by dried bullmasiff sickle. One thing, however, is complete as it was then: Pug is deciding and Arnold is doing right! :-)

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