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Dear dog mother or dog father


All dogs benefit from a social life and therefore it is important that small dogs learn to interact with larger dog breeds.

However, some small dogs get off to a great start in the flock life and get scared of big dogs and it is an incredible pity for them if they have to go and be scared all their lives and therefore miss a lot of lovely dog ​​experiences.


That is why I have created the mini-dog garden so that small and / or very careful dogs can get a controlled and good start to the flock life.

Mini-dog ports are a smaller fold inside our large Dog Garden fold, where we can create small playgroups for those - usually smaller dog breeds - who prefer it.


Gradually and at your dog's own pace, we will introduce it to bigger breeds and I dare almost promise you that over a maximum of months, your dog will have a perfectly relaxed relationship with both fast labradors and giant big danois. :-)

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