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We offer private holiday boaarding care (dog pension) in our VERY dog-friendly home, with free access to the house, sofas, beds and garden exclusively for selected dogs from our Dog Kindergarten.

When we look after your dog, we do it as if it were our own, with lots of love and attention at all hours of the day.

Our goal is for your dog to experience our home as his second home, which he excitedly and expectantly runs into without looking back when you hand him over to us. In this way, you avoid your dog having to experience a potentially stressful or even harmefull shift, when the two-legged members of the family have to travel.


In order to be approved as a dog we can offer boarding to, your dog must meet the following requirements:

Your dog must have a minimum of 1 fixed day per week in our Doggy Daycare and have attended it for a minimum of two months.

Your dog must have successfully completed a "trial boarding" with us (set for 1-2 nights, where we have the option to call your dog home if it is not comfortable living in our house). 


Your dog must be able to tolerate being in a home with other dogs, children and guests who come and go. ​


Your dog must be 100 percent clean and only make accidents indoors in connection with illness.


If your dog is a male dog, it must be castrated.


Your dog must be 6 months old


When boarding at weekends and school holidays:
If you want your dog to be looked after during weekends and/or school holidays, then your dog must be able to home alone without any problems for up to 6 hours without stressing, barking or becoming destructive. We very rarely leave the house for such a long time, but we - like any other ordinary family - need to be able to take the children to the movies or to the beach on weekends and school holidays.

Friendly doggie greetings
Anja and Magnus

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