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Zander and Lauritz

Zander and Lauritz were in every way born into a dog's life.


When Zander was born in 2012, it was older sister Karla (pug - 2007- ) who received him in the Dyssegård apartment when he came home from the delivery room and immediately sat on him in true pug fashion...


When Lauritz entered the family in 2016, big sister Karla and big brother Arnold (bullmastiff - 2013-2021) were both ready to welcome us in our villa apartment in Hellerup.


Zander and Arnold were almost babies at the same time and they both loved to sit together and tear/bite newspaper into small pieces on the living room floor. :) Arnold's tail was quite a challenge for Zander and Laurtiz when they were little, as they had to constantly protect themselves with their arms so as not to be whipped in the face and it's not an easy exercise when you've just learned to walk.. . :-)

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