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About Anja:
Name: Anja
Born: 15.12.71
Residence: Hellerup
Own dog(s): Arnold (bullmastiff) and Karla (pug)
Professional experience: Professional dog walker and dog sitter since June 2014.

Anja about herself:
"We've always had animals in my family, everything from ponies to guinea pigs. The dogs were, however, along with the rabbits, my best playmates among our animals, we got a lot of time to walk when I put them in the pram and we went for a walk in the large garden or in the fields, but the rabbits would often prefer to go down and munch on grass.


I got my first dog of my own when I was 6 years old, little black Minna. We already had a young Boxer and the handsome big St. Bernard. Minna and I followed each other for 16 years, when the time came, the two of us went on our last trip together to the local vet in Nexø.

Since Minna, I have had quite a few years without a dog, short breaks where the grief over a lost canine friend had to have space, until I was ready for a new dog in my life.

I have had a cheeky little Chihuahua, a loving Labrador mix, my old pug, who is now 13 years old, and Arnold who will soon be 8 years old. A nice bunch of dogs!

I am happy to let my children grow up in a family where it is completely natural to have several dogs. My children's joy when a dog from the dog park comes to visit is great, and it warms my heart that they talk about who they might want to sleep with and who they might like best.
That the boys can get to know so many wonderful dogs so early in their lives is a gift I would have loved to have had myself as a child."

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