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From 3 - 8 months.

Group lessons at the weekends with a maximum of 6 participants in Hareskovby.


The puppy team is like when your children start nursery, new "friends", a whole new world that opens up, and a lot of new things that your puppy has to learn together with his new family.


It is the start of cohesion and cooperation between dog and owner. All training is done with positive learning and with many repetitions.


A puppy cannot concentrate for such a long time at a time, so we start quietly with the basic things, which give dog and owner a more calm and balanced everyday life:

  • Contact exercises

  • Summon boats with voice guidance, whistle and space

  • Sit, cover, stay

  • Walk nicely on a leash

Upcoming teams (Additional teams will be created as needed):

New teams start in Hareskov City approx. monthly.

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