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Chapter 8 - Basco Forever!

My fear of dogs is still there to this day, but even though the feeling is the same - albeit less intense - today I prefer to call it respect.


When I meet a new dog, my heart still beats a beat as the door opens and I still can't let go of the feeling that the dog is a wild and powerful animal that could tear my gentle humanity over if it wanted to that.


In the dog, nature exposes its primordial powers and reminds me that we humans always live by its grace! It's scary, humiliating and educational at the same time.


With its original and primitive appearance, the dog from the wild nature enters directly into our homes and hearts. Although it comes from a world we humans left 100,000 years ago, it offers us its confidence and fidelity and it happily embraces a dog life in a human world that must feel very alien to it, if only to spend it with us .



No matter how many beautiful dogs I have met and come to meet, I will never forget Basco - my first and biggest dog-love! With his frightening exterior and his gentle mind, he taught me that the dog - despite its fierce and animalistic powers and instincts - is, if not human, at least my best friend!



Some people have to climb Mount Everest to feel close to heaven and nature - since Basco I just had to sit next to a dog.


By Magnus Hinge
(founder, owner and pack-leader in Hellerup Dog Walk)

PS If you liked my story, please let me know in the comments section below and you are of course very welcome to share it if you think any of your friends would enjoy reading it too.

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