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Nail clipper dog. Hellerup Dog Walk cuts your dog's nails while it is in the dog nursery, dog nursery with professional dog walker in Copenhagen and Nordsælland and Frederiksberg

A good dog life also includes a well-trimmed paw. It is unpleasant for a dog to have nails that are too long and it also entails a safety and health hazard, as long nails stick more easily and are torn off.

When your dog has fixed days in oursDog kindergartendo you have the option to order nail clippers for it, so we can cut it while it is on tour. 

The price is DKK 200 per clipping/trimming and I recommend that you get your dog's nails trimmed at least once a month so that the vein does not start to grow outwards, the rest can make nail trimming more uncomfortable for your dog and increases the risk of bleeding (which is not dangerous though).

When you book the nail cut I would like you to choose whether we will do a "nail cut" or a "nail trim". 

When cutting the nails, we deliberately try to cut the nail a little bit past the blood vessel, so that the nail is as short as possible so that the nail blood vessel thereby retracts until the next time we have to cut. In this way, we can - if we cut at least once a month in this way - ensure that the nail becomes shorter and shorter over time, which makes walking and running more comfortable for your dog and which reduces the risk of your dog's nails becoming torn off by accident. With a "nail clipping" it is absolutely certain that your dog will bleed a little bit from the nails. This is in no way dangerous and only mildly uncomfortable and we use coagulation powder to stop the bleeding as quickly as possible. Once in a while, however, it can happen that the bleeding does not stop completely or starts up again later in the day, which can result in a little blood on the floor at your home or in the dog basket. This is not dangerous or painful for your dog, but just something you need to be aware of can occur. You must also be obs. that residues from the coagulation powder can settle in your dog's fur around the paws, as a small "brown lump". It can be easily zeroed away when it is completely dry later in the day. 

You can also choose to order a nail trim if you want to minimize the risk of any discomfort and bleeding. During a "nail trimming", we only cut the outermost part of your dog's nails and try to keep a safe margin to your dog's blood vessel. If you only want nail trimmings, then these should be supplemented with thorough clippings at the vet at least a few times a year, so that the blood vessels in your dog's nails do not grow longer and longer. In the long run, this will mean that the nails will eventually be very long, even if they have just been trimmed. Even with a "nail trimming", there is a small risk of minor bleeding, as the blood vessel can sometimes sit further out on individual nails. In particular, if the nail is black, there is a small risk of light bleeding even when choosing a conservative haircut/"nail trimming", since with black nails we cannot see the blood vessel through the nail.


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