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Hellerup Dog Walk's logo consists of three elements:

1. The green Zen Buddhist ensō (circle):
In its time, Zen Buddhism gave me the wisdom, strength and courage to pursue my dream of becoming independent and working with the dogs (read more inchapter 7in the story of the Hellerup Dog Walk).

The ensō also symbolizes the Japanese term "wabi-sabi", which can be translated as "the beauty of the imperfect". This concept is fundamental to my approach to dogs, as I always meet them with respect for their individual "imperfections", because I see how these contribute to giving the individual dog its very own charm and unique personality.

Hellerup Dog Walk's ensō is of course green, because dogs, better than any other animal, remind me of my own dependence on and attachment to nature.

2. The dark green "ridge" in Enzthe island:
The dark green "ridge" in the ensō symbolizes the LION DOG Basco, who was my first canine love and who helped me overcome my great fear of dogs and transform it into respect and love (read more inchapters 2 and 3in the story of the Hellerup Dog Walk). On a Rhodesian Ridgeback, the ridge runs in the opposite direction to the dog's other hair (from the tail up to the shoulder blades) and to me it symbolizes courage and the will to create one's own direction in life instead of always doing what is expected of one.


3. The black paw print:
The paw print symbolizes the dog in the broadest sense! Unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to know and help all dogs, but I always put the ones I meet at the center of my work! This has always been the case with dogs, from when I was little and feared them more than anything, to now when I am always drawn to them when they are  nearby (read more inthe story of the Hellerup Dog Walk. :-)

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